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I love helping people promote their businesses and have had the pleasure of securing high-profile media coverage, writing effective copy and creating awesome events for everything from the world’s largest healthcare provider to several medium-sized not-for-profit organisations to small innovative businesses and entrepreneurs.

I’ve more than 15 years’ PR experience plus I used to be a journalist  – I know what they want and how to get the best from them!  I believe it’s not about who or what you know, it’s about  the right attitude and that’s why I get articles published like these ones I wrote for The Guardian and the Huffington Post to promote my own business:

Why I named my business after my pet pig

All young women need strong male role models 

Diary of a start-up: six things I learned during the first six months of starting my own business

An open letter to anyone who has ever written an open letter or is thinking of writing an open letter or has read an open letter

I’m a Yorkshire lass and pig owner, so it’s in my nature to be practical and straight with people. I’m also totally focused and deadline driven.  You won’t get any ‘sweety, darling’ Absolutely Fabulous waffle from me!  Just plain old Yorkshire gumption.


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