PR agency for small businesses

How to be authentic as a small business owner

I want to tell you a secret. It’s been the sort of month where unprompted, people have shared their secrets with me.  I feel overwhelmingly privileged to listen to the deep-seated fears, sadness and joy that weighs on their hearts and just hope that in some small way, sharing with me, eases their day a [...]

Questions to ask to get testimonials

How to write terrific testimonials to attract your ideal customers

A customer testimonial is an efficient way for you to share the thoughts of your existing customers with potential customers about your products or service. Testimonials are a great way to help establish credibility, build trust and give you an opportunity to prove claims about your product or service. The rise of websites such as [...]

What to include in a business biography

How to write your professional biography

Personable or professional?  First person or third person?  How to write about yourself without sounding like a fraud? It can be weird writing your own biography but there comes a time in most small business owner’s lives when they need one. You may have an upcoming speaking engagement that requires a biog or a someone [...]

How to write your brand story from the heart

How to write your brand story from the heart

It’s called a brand story but all it really is a shorthand way of describing the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS of your business. A brand story just means what inspired you to set up your business, why it exists in the world and what real problem it solves for your customers. People buy from people.  And [...]

Solve your customers problems

How to know what your customers want (before they do)

So, you’ve worked out who your ideal customers are, excellent.  Now what? Next, you can figure out their problems so that you can understand how to solve those problems.  (Yes, I’m calling them problems. Not issues.  For the same reasons, I’ll never be caught ‘reaching out’ to someone and that I will always write properly [...]