A customer testimonial is an efficient way for you to share the thoughts of your existing customers with potential customers about your products or service.

Testimonials are a great way to help establish credibility, build trust and give you an opportunity to prove claims about your product or service.

The rise of websites such as Rated People and Tripadviser shows the power of customer ratings when it comes to business.

A third-party endorsement of your product or service by an existing customer is the kind of ‘social proof’ that can tip a wavering potential customer into a paying one.

(If you’re interested, social proof means a psychological mechanism where people tend to follow the actions and behaviours of other people, in an attempt to make the ‘right’ choices.)

Where to start

Maybe you’ve been asked to write a testimonial for someone else.  Or maybe you need to ask your customers to write them for you.  But where to start?

Be authentic and honest.  As with any writing, readers can see through facades and lies.  So stick to the truth.

Keep them short.  Even if your kind customer gave you masses of information about how they like everything about your service or a product, just include the most important aspects.  Get straight to the point.

Who do you want to attract?

Think about who your ideal customers are.  What are their problems?   Your testimonials need to speak to the same people and problems.  What point are you trying to make?  What do you want the reader to think about you and your business?

Select customers who can give you this sort of testimonial.

Make it easy

Draft the testimonial for your customer. Make it easy for them so by writing it first, all they need to do is edit it and add in a few of their own words.  Writing on a blank page is the hardest way to start as I’m sure any novelist would tell you, so help out your customer by jotting a few ideas of what you’d like them to say about their experience with you. 

Questions to ask 

You want to get an idea of the transformation your customer experienced. Why did they select your services as opposed to others?  And what was the outcome of that?

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Get approval 

Finally, once the testimonial is finalised and both you and your customer are happy with the content, out of courtesy, ask your customer to approve it.  Let them know where you will use their words e.g. your website, social media and ask for an email to confirm they are happy with your approach. Once you have that, go forth and share it and attract your ideal customers!

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