Congratulations!  You’ve started on the journey to promote your business.  Whether you’re a startup,  solopreneur or you’ve been going a while and need to revisit your promotion strategy, welcome!

You might not know what you need to do, you may not know the difference between Marketing and PR (who cares?!) but you know you need to get out there and get clients through the door.

I’ve helped loads of start-ups and I’ve even been one myself so I know what you need to know (and what you don’t).  Here is my best practical advice.

Five free ways I can help you today

  1. Wondering where to start? Read: Top five priorities for start-ups
  2. Ready to have a go? Read: Five free and easy ways to promote your start-up today 
  3. Work out who your ideal customer is in five simple steps and grab the free workbook
  4. Grab a cuppa and read my HuffPost article: six things I learned in the first six months of starting my own business
  5. Visit the dedicated startup area created just for people like you! It’s chock-full of free workbooks to help you promote your new business

No sell. No sh!t.

Really, you’re not going to try to get me to buy your course/ book/ grandmother? 

No.  I love helping start-ups but don’t always have free time and honestly, it isn’t the most profitable side of my business.

Take stuff from me for free because it might help you promote and grow your business.  And that’s enough for me.

However, if this isn’t enough and you want extra support from me, get in touch.