I regularly see new entrepreneurs posting in Facebook groups things like: ‘how do I work out who my ideal customer is?’, ‘what are my top marketing priorities?’ and ‘how do I get press?’ (maybe you’ve done it.)

I have two types of client: A) Start-ups and local small business and B) international healthcare entrepreneurs.

Are you type A or B?

Those asking the questions above fall into type A and I love helping type As but don’t always have free time and honestly, it isn’t the most profitable side of my business.

So, it got me thinking.  Is there a way I can still help start-ups and local small businesses who need support but without me having to add extra days to the week?

You see, Listening Pig is just me. I have no plans to run a giant PR agency, swanning around drinking the profits of the successful entrepreneurs I serve. I just love what I do and I like helping people.  So, upscaling is not an option.

Start-ups don’t have much, if any, budget.  I get that. And those of us from Yorkshire are as tight as they come.

So, any support I offer needs to be for free.  And not pretend ‘for free’.  Not ‘yes you can have all this content but I’ll start sending you thousands of emails next week asking you to buy my course/ book/ grandmother’.

So, what I’ve done is to start offering more free stuff to the type As.  More resources.  More workbooks.  More templates.  It’s the most efficient way I can help you.

I’ve created a special area on my website called, funnily enough, Start-ups.

I’ve also created loads of extra content like the answer to the specific question I get asked ALL THE TIME by start-ups: how do I work out who my ideal customer is?

This is just the start – there’s loads more to come.

I won’t try to sell you my grandma*

I won’t promise to make you rich.

I won’t promise you can work a two-hour week.

I won’t offer free tips only with a catch – ‘oh and did you know you can buy my course that you need to re-mortgage your house for.’  Jog on.  I hate hard sales.  It makes me run in the opposite direction arms flapping like windmills – so why would I do that to you?!

And no false promises or creating a sense of urgency like ‘offer only available until tomorrow’.

I believe that what goes around comes around so karma will reward me in future.  (Did you know I’m sickingly virtuous sometimes – elderly befriender, animal-lover, plant-eater…vomiting yet?!)

Be sickingly virtuous too

ALL I ask is that you share this for me.  Pay forward the love. Because we can all help those at the start of their entrepreneurial journey.

Who do you know who would benefit from this proper-free content? Send it to that person now.

Know someone who is trying to work out their ideal customer?  Send  this blog: how do I work out who my ideal customer is?

Or are you a start-up?  Get the five simple steps AND get a free handy workbook to help you work out YOUR ideal customer. [convertkit form=5018508]

*Disclaimer: I don’t actually have any grandmas to sell.

PS offer only available until tomorrow (just joking!)

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