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Seriously, just take a break

Sometimes the best solution is to do nothing.  To bury your head in the sand for a little while. Switch it all off.

That’s what I’ve just done having taken a long weekend break skiing in the Alps with my partner and my dad.

Before I did, I let my clients know I wouldn’t be available, turned off notifications on my phone and I resisted opening my inbox all weekend.

It felt awful.  Counter-intuitive.  I panicked. What if something urgent happened and I didn’t know about it?

But I was burning out. I know I needed a break. I was not being the best version of me.

And slowly, after a day or two, I started to feel ok.  The world wouldn’t end if I didn’t read the Guardian website.

I retreated, yet was more present that ever.

And burying my head started to feel all fluffy, warm and wonderful.

Now, I’m back. The sky has not caved in.  I feel more refreshed, alive, and full of ideas. I can be that better version of me for my clients.

So, JFDI.  Plan a break.  Switch off.  Even if it’s just for the weekend.

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