Want a bit of advice or guidance but don’t have the budget to pay for a big PR agency? 

Working with you, I can offer guidance and point you in the right direction.

Maybe you have an idea for a story but not sure if it’s any good or you’ve been sending press releases off to journalists but not had a response or maybe you need some tips on how to contact journalists.  

I can have a chat with you about what is working and not working and give you some advice on next steps to take.  Then you can go off and put it into practice – fully confident that you are doing the right thing! 

Media Relations Support – Pay as you go service 

Should you want support and advice, have limited resources but the skill and desire to do some of the PR work yourself, this package is for you.  Support you can receive: 

  • Discuss and give advice on publications on which to focus
  • Give advice on how to conduct interviews and source quotes
  • Discuss relevant angles which would have particular appeal
  • Give guidance on how to research and develop pitches
  • Edit and proof articles
  • Give advice on how to secure approval from all relevant parties
  • Provide advice on appropriate PR images
  • Help source journalists contact details
  • Provide advice on how to follow up for vital media feedback
  • Give advice on how to report on coverage secured


Advice on general PR for small businesses/ securing local or trade media coverage  -$45/ £35+VAT 

Advice on securing national media coverage –  $65/ £50+VAT 

Contact me today about what support you need.