Media coverage for businesses

Whether you want to land national, local or trade press, we will dig into our ‘little black books’ of media contacts to get you the coverage you desire.

We offer reactive and proactive services depending on your needs.

Reactive PR

We can connect you with journalists and editors who are looking for content right now.  This can help raise your profile, get quoted as an expert or showcase products quickly with minimal input.  It is a cost-effective fast turnaround service for quick success.

  • We share relevant opportunities that come to us from our extensive network of journalists/ editors
  • Includes mini-strategy and planning meeting
  • We suggest up to twenty publications where your voice needs to be heard
  • We will write a press release/ introduce your business to the media
  • Or provide a template for press release writing
  • We help you write copy, quotes and responses as required to get your key messages heard
  • Or we review your writing and suggest edits and amends that would work in the media
  • We distribute the content and liaise with the journalists/ editors on your behalf
  • We provide advice on appropriate PR images
  • We monitor media outlets and report on activity and coverage secured
  • We advise on what to do with your media coverage to get maximum exposure

Cost: £249 set up fee, £99 per month.

Each opportunity £100-300 ONLY PAYABLE ON PUBLICATION

Proactive PR

For projects, events, product and service launches to local and trade media.

As expert storytellers, we will help you mine your business for fascinating facts and tales to share with the media which we can do by:

  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Ghost-writing feature articles
  • Authoring opinion pieces
  • Writing profiles 

The proactive PR service includes:

  • Mini-strategy planning session to nail your key messages
  • Create a target publications list
  • Liaise direct with you and/ or your interviewees or case studies as required
  • Conduct any required interviews and source quotes
  • Suggest a number of relevant angles which would have particular appeal to the media
  • Research and develop a final pitches
  • Pitch press release/ article/ angle to agreed media
  • Write/ghost write, edit and proof article as required
  • Secure approval from all relevant parties
  • Provide advice on appropriate PR images
  • Follow up for vital media feedback
  • Consultancy meetings
  • Wrap up report on activity and coverage secured as required to demonstrate ROI

Cost: from £399

National press

PR Service as above for campaigns and projects to secure high profile national press and broadcast media.

Cost: from £1300

Get in touch to discuss your needs.