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Five Ways To Do PR On The Cheap

PR is a dark art and PR professionals invest lots of time and energy creating media opportunities for their clients. But it’s possible to attract attention on a budget without a big city firm behind you.

You know you should promote your business and you might even have done some marketing.  You probably coughed up far too much money on business cards, flyers or a website and you’re not even sure if you’ve had sales from them. You’ve heard of PR but you’re not really sure what it is or how it’s different from marketing.


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Two reasons your PR is stuck in the mud

REASON ONE: You don’t listen to your customers

Someone high up in your business decides you really need a video/ blog/ e-newsletter.

Or someone in a meeting room tells you their idea which they think is the best thing since sliced bacon. They’ve seen it somewhere else for someone else and just knows that it will work.

But no one thinks why.