The one thing most small business owners miss when planning an event

Hot chicken, brimming wine glasses, fully-inflated balloons and soft music can help make sure your guests are content, as any event planner knows. BUT THERE IS ONE THING MOST SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS FORGET WHEN PLANNING AN EVENT.

Events cover everything from 5000 person conferences to 50 person trade shows to 5 person breakfast briefings.  And a lot has been written about event planning– how to select and book the right venue, how to hire entertainment, send invitations at the right time etc.

But whether you’re planning a full-scale conference or a drinks evening, how many of you think about how you want your guests to feel at your event?

Things ALWAYS go wrong when organising an event


Thinking of hiring a PR agency? 11 things you need to know before you make that call

Rewarding relationships involve give and take on both sides.  To get the best from your PR freelancer or agency, make sure you have answers to these 11 questions before you pick up the phone to them for the first time.

What is your business?

What is your business?  Where did begin?  Where is it today?  Describe in ten to fifteen words what your business does and the services you provide.  Who are your main competitors and how is your business different from them?  What are your business’s overall objectives?

What do you want to achieve with PR?


Yorkshire field

Inspiring Yorkshire Women

She was so sad that she wept silent tears. The sort that just roll down your face and leak off your chin without you making a noise.  Tears of sheer sadness. I hope none of you ever have to weep this way.’

Juliet’s reaction to the desperate news that her beloved was dead, as described by my English teacher Mrs Burke.  A startling image that has stuck with me throughout the past 25 years.

Those of us who are lucky enough to have an instrumental tutor in our lives hold them dear.


Yorkshire countryside

Seriously, just take a break

Sometimes the best solution is to do nothing.  To bury your head in the sand for a little while. Switch it all off.

That’s what I’ve just done having taken a long weekend break skiing in the Alps with my partner and my dad.

Before I did, I let my clients know I wouldn’t be available, turned off notifications on my phone and I resisted opening my inbox all weekend.