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Let me give you my best advice about how to promote your business.Katy Pollard


I’m Katy, I provide no nonsense, down to earth PR support to small businesses.

I’m a Yorkshire lass and pig-owner, so it’s in my nature to be practical and straight with people. I’m also totally focussed and deadline driven.  You won’t get any ‘sweety, darling’ Absolutely Fabulous waffle from me!  Just plain old Yorkshire gumption.


I love helping people promote their businesses and have had the pleasure of securing high-profile media coverage, writing effective web copy and creating awesome events for  everything from the world’s largest healthcare provider to several medium-sized not-for-profit organisations to a small local digital agency.

I’ve more than 15 years’ PR experience plus I used to be a journalist  – I know what they want and how to get the  best from them!  I believe it’s not about who or what you know, it’s about  the right attitude and that’s why I get articles published like these ones I wrote for The Guardian to promote my own business:


Why I named my business after my pet pig


All young women need strong male role models 


As s bit of a book worm, I’m constantly curious and always learning and I have a CIPR Diploma and MA Journalism which means I’ve done all the training so you don’t have to!

Stories make my world go round so in my weekly email, I’ll share with you a nugget that helps you understand how PR works*

And don’t just take my word for it!


OMG! That is  so funny at the same as true and how bloody annoying for you!  Great email.

Claire Turner, TLC accountants


So, if you want to learn how to tell your business story, how to write press releases and feature articles, how to author opinion pieces, how to write outstanding social media profiles and create outstanding events, sign up now for my best advice and exclusive stories.




Looking forward to getting to know you,



*Disclaimer: Not for serious bods.  I love a good old snort-laugh so if you’re easily offended, click away now!

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