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Start-ups: I won’t try to sell you my grandmother

I regularly see new entrepreneurs posting in Facebook groups things like: 'how do I work out who my ideal customer is?', 'what are my top marketing priorities?' and 'how do I get press?' (maybe you've done it.) I have two types of client: A) Start-ups and local small business and B) international healthcare entrepreneurs. Are you [...]

Who is your ideal customer?

How to work out who your ideal customer is

Customer avatar, ideal client, blah blah, blah. We all know we should know who it is but it can be like a unicorn, only coming into view clearly after a couple of wines, to be forgotten again in the haze of the next morning. In the marketing world, there are all sorts of fancy ways [...]

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How to take stunning photos to promote your business

Impressive images can help make or break a media story and great shots can boost your brand if you use them across websites, literature and social media. Images used for PR purposes tend to follow a specific format.  They are not marketing images showing models who have no connection to your business.  Nor are they [...]

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When to DIY and when to hire a PR professional

It's a question I often hear: 'should I hire a PR agency or can I do my own PR'? The way I think about it is that it’s like any task in your business.  If you enjoy it, if you’re good at it and have time to do it, then do it yourself.  If you don’t, [...]

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Five free and easy ways to promote your start-up today

Twenty minutes. That’s all you need. Ten minutes to read this blog. Ten minutes to carry out one of the five actions below. Time: twenty minutes. Cost: zero. Not too much to promote your business is it? OK, so let’s get on with this. Tell one stranger you meet about your business In a supermarket [...]