Person with laptop bag

When to DIY and when to hire a PR professional

It's a question I often hear: 'should I hire a PR agency or can I do my own PR'? The way I think about it is that it’s like any task in your business.  If you enjoy it, if you’re good at it and have time to do it, then do it yourself.  If you don’t, [...]

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Is media coverage right for you?

Thinking of contacting journalists or employing a PR agency but not sure if media coverage is right for you? Securing high profile attention can reap rewards for your business – get people talking about it, bring in new customers and boost your website’s search rankings.  However, because it is high profile, there are several questions [...]

Who is your ideal customer?

Three simple steps to problem-free targeting

I conducted a poll recently asking about the biggest PR problems faced by small businesses and I was surprised by the results. The results showed that the number one problem is targeting. And that surprised me. I didn’t anticipate that answer. (It also reminded me of the great value in seeking feedback.) What is targeting? [...]


Three best PR blogs to follow

Growing and learning, that’s what I’m all about.  So I read, watch and listen daily to help me and my business flourish.  there are three best pr blogs i regularly read to keep me up to date. There is a wealth of helpful info here on t'internet so I've distilled it down for you into three of my favourite blogs about PR [...]