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How to be authentic as a small business owner

I want to tell you a secret. It’s been the sort of month where unprompted, people have shared their secrets with me.  I feel overwhelmingly privileged to listen to the deep-seated fears, sadness and joy that weighs on their hearts and just hope that in some small way, sharing with me, eases their day a [...]

Five reasons journalists hate you

Five reasons journalists hate you

When faced with a grumpy – or worse, no – response from a journalist, I cast my mind back to my days as a young reporter.  I try to remember what riled me then when people contacted me and see if now as a PR person, I am committing any of those cardinal sins. If [...]

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Exposed: the top 20 news sites you need to get media coverage in

If you read: how to use PR to get your website on the first page of Google, you will know getting a link to your website from an online news site is an excellent way to boost your own website’s authority in search rankings. News website usually have high ‘Domain Authority’ because they are seen [...]

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How to take stunning photos to promote your business

Impressive images can help make or break a media story and great shots can boost your brand if you use them across websites, literature and social media. Images used for PR purposes tend to follow a specific format.  They are not marketing images showing models who have no connection to your business.  Nor are they [...]

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How to use PR to get your website on the first page of Google

For most small businesses, being on page one of google search results is the holy grail of digital marketing. If potential customers can find your website really easily, then you’re guaranteed more income, right? So, when someone is searching for terms related to your business, you want your website to rank highly on the Search [...]