Why Listening Pig?

Having spent nearly 20 years working with people, I learned that the starting point of any communication is to listen.

This became clear one day when watching the communication technique of our company mascot aka Katy’s pet pig, Gwen. 

Before asking for anything (usually food), this clever five-year-old listened to the voices around her. She digested this information then:

  • worked out if it was a good time to ask (are there leftovers?)Gwen the pig

  • selected the best person to ask (the most gullible!)

  • chose the most effective method to get what she wanted (a grunt or a snout to the leg).

So, Gwen showed me that by listening first, we learn: who to communicate with, the best time to communicate with them and the best way to reach them.

Read more in this article published in The Guardian about why I named my business after my pet pig.

Sadly, Gwen departed to the big pig hut in the sky in early 2017 after a long battle with illness.  She will forever be in our hearts and continues to inform the way we do business: smart, tenacious and kind.