I was lucky enough to be in a room with some of the UK’s top journalists this week.

So, for you, for free, let me share top tips on how to promote your business from the assistant editor of Radio 4’s Today programme, the producer who works with Piers Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the Deputy Editor of the Stylist magazine, the editor of the Guardian Life and Style section and the LA-based celebrity branding expert.

Learn nuggets of gold like:

  • Find out the simple formula for Social Media bios
  • The best people to feature in your case studies
  • How to show off your business’s best work

Adrian Butler, Producer, ITV’s Good Morning Britain  


  • Have three good points to make and be passionate and authentic about them
  • Use case studies and personal stories that reflect issues in the news – and make sure you feature a diverse range of people – not just middle-aged white men in suits!
  • Choose topics that polarise people and divide opinion. His barometer for a great piece is: ‘Would you miss your bus for this story’?

Adam Cumiskey Assistant Editor, BBC Radio 4 Today programme  


  • Be an expert, have credibility, be flexible, dependable and available
  • Feature more female experts. If you are female and think you can add your voice to the mix: sign up The Women’s Room website http://thewomensroom.org.uk/getlisted
  • Use case studies and personal stories to showcase your business’s success

Claire Spreadbury, Head of Features, Press Association


  • Use real life stories
  • Use research and statistics that can be spun off into a real life story
  • Keep information short and snappy so you don’t lose the reader

Janet Murray, Journalist and PR coach


  • Ask a question that prompts people them to think in a way they never have before
  • Make a bold statement about something you feel strongly about and use this as a way to challenge accepted thinking on a particular topic
  • Write a call to action, telling people they need to think the way you do and explain why

Phil Pallen, Brand Strategist and celebrity brand expert


  • Your business should be: something you love PLUS something others need
  • When branding your business, aim to recreate the in-person experience as closely as possible
  • Social Media bios have a simple formula. They should be one sentence about who you are and why the reader should care and one sentence to give a flavour of your personality

Kate Carter, Guardian Life & Style Editor and Susan Riley Deputy Editor, Stylist

@katehelencarter and  @Susestylist

  • Tell quirky, unusual stories
  • Tell stories that haven’t been told before
  • Be clear and concise

Kelly Rose Bradford, Freelance Journalist and Daily Mail Contributor


  • Make sure you have decent quality photos – both headshots and lifestyle shots
  • Create bullet pointed biographies of your key people
  • Have a strong personal brand

What PR tips would work for you?


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