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We believe it’s not just about who or what you know, it’s about the right attitude and that's why we get high profile articles published and repeat work from clients


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Highly-trained professionals each with 15+ years' experience


We're from Yorkshire: it's in our blood

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Alice Henry

Alice Henry

Owner of Elixir Beauty

"I'd tried to do the PR work myself but found I got nowhere fast. Hiring Katy made this happen very quickly so I wish I'd never bothered wasting my days trying as she's fantastic at her job. She got me on Look North, in the Yorkshire Post and Halifax Evening Courier all in one week. I would recommend Katy to anyone wanting a friendly and professional service and she's worth every penny too. "

Graeme Rayner

Graeme Rayner

Consumer Care Manager, Benenden Health

"Katy is an enlightened, forward-thinking professional with a strong grasp of client requirements. We often collaborated and I always found her to be a pleasure to work with, highly professional and well informed. Her work was first-class, as was her attitude. I would recommend her to anyone looking to employ or work with a self-sufficient, driven and affable Communications professional."

Sally Sykes

Sally Sykes

National Director of PR & Marketing, BMI Healthcare

"I worked with Katy on communications, PR, events and corporate social responsibility projects. Katy had a strong focus on delivery and was a thoroughly professional colleague to work with. "

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